• 30 L Emergency Eyewash Station portable eyewash station Emergency shower Eye Washer supplier Call for Price
    • Self-contained emergency gravity feed eyewash holds water fluid in the tank where no plumbing is required.
    • In upright position, tray securely shuts off water flow and keeps nozzles free of airborne contamination.
    • Wide rear opening allows easy filling, inspection and cleaning.
    • The eyewash is activated by simply pulling the retractable tray.
    • Polyethylene tank stores 30 liters of water with an estimated flow rate of 1.75 liter per minute for 15 minutes.
    • Mounted on bracket supplied, easily bolts to the wall.
  • 3M Indoor Safety Eyewear with Clear Lens, Contractor Pack, 90834-00000B Call for Price
    • Polycarbonate lenses, strongest & most impact-resistant material
    • Wrap-around lens for excellent coverage & good field of vision Impact and scratch-resistant lenses feature an anti-fog coating
    • Feature impact resistant lenses and absorb 99.9% UV
    • Feature anti scratch lens coating prevents scratching
  • 3m Safety Goggle Eye Protection 3m Sports Glasses Call for Price
    Usage: Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog, Welding, Dust-Proof, Anti-Radiation
    Lens Material: Special Glass
    LENS TYPE: Replacement Lenses
    Brand: 3M
    Leg Feature: Elastic Head Bands
    Style: Sports
  • 3M series 6000 Full-face mask silicon without filter EN136 Call for Price

    3M™ Reusable Full Face Mask 6000 Series has a large polycarbonate lens and soft, hypo-allergenic, elastomeric facepiece. The 3M™ Bayonet Connection System enables you to connect to a broad range of 3M twin lightweight 3M filters. Our lightweight full-face masks feature a 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve and four-strap suspension. They’re available in three sizes.

  • 3M™ Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6100/07024(AAD) Small Call for Price
    • Head harness cradle suspension is designed for a comfortable fit
    • Lightweight elastomeric material for comfort during long periods of work
    • Low profile design minimizes interference with field of view
    • Twin filter design provides lower breathing resistance
    • Bayonet connection fitting system to a broad range of filters to protect against gases, vapors and particulates
  • 3M™ Metaliks™ Sport Protective Eyewear. 11540-10000-20 Blue Mirror Lens, Nickel Frame 20 EA/Case Call for Price
    • Brushed nickel frames and sport-styled lenses look handsome
    • High wrap lenses for a greater viewing area
    • Soft, adjustable nose bridge customizes comfort to the wearer
    • Spatula-styled temples with soft tips look cutting-edge modern
    • Polycarbonate lenses absorb 99.9% UV

    Sleek-styled Metaliks Sport protective eyewear connects comfort, coverage and clarity with adjustable bridges and spatula style temples, polycarbonate lenses and an anti-fog hardcoat. Contemporary, stylish safety glasses at an affordable price.

    3M™ Metaliks™ Sport Protective Eyewear combines the best of contemporary styling with practical eye protection. Brushed nickel frames look distinctive and sporty . High-wrapped lenses complement sleek styling along with a wider-viewing area. Spatula-style temples complete the fashionable, modern look of the glasses. Designed for practicality, the safety glasses also build in numerous comfort features, including a soft and adjustable nose bridge and soft-tipped temples to cushion high contact points. The impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses absorb 99.9% UV rays. These safety glasses are recommended for the following tasks: chipping, chiseling, drilling, grinding, machining, masonry, pouring/casting, power fastening, riveting, sanding and sawing. Industries in which these safety glasses are commonly used include aviation, chemicals, construction, food and beverage, general manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, primary metals and transportation.
    Metaliks™safety glasses meet the requirements of CSA Z94.3-2007 and the high impact requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003.
    Eye protection is important to safeguard your eyes and maintain healthy vision. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly three out of every five workers who suffered eye injuries were not wearing eye protection at the time of the accident. Wearing the correct safety eyewear for the task and for the unique needs of the worker is important. 3M™ recognizes the need to design comfortable and attractive eyewear, increasing the usage of safety glasses on the job. That’s why all 3M™ protective eyewear combines safety features with comfort enhancements.

  • DIY Crafts Anti-dust Respirator PVC Dust Face Mask Industrial & Scientific Call for Price

    Product Description

    PVC Dust Mask is available with replaceable dust cartridge and elastic head band. Easy and comfortable to wear in yellow and blue colour.

    Product description

    6670 emergency flushing bottle is suitable for local skin and eye irrigating. It can deal with the acid and alkali liquid on the skin with emergency skin solution. The capacity of each bottle is 500ML. The material of the container is made of non-toxic materials of polyethylene.

    Instructions for use:
    1. Wash the bottle mouth with a small amount of purified water / lotion before use.
    2. Exposure to contaminated eye/skin area
    3 rinse the contaminated area with pure water / lotion
    4. After use. Screw the cap and attach it to the bracket

    1. Must be placed within a range of 10 inch (equivalent to 100 meters) from the hazard
    2. Pure water should be replaced every 90 days; if it is a special eye liquid, the date of opening the eye wash bottle should be recorded to ensure that the eye wash is within the validity period.
    3. Use the device to wash your eyes, only as an emergency treatment, you must seek medical attention immediately after treatment.
    4. Avoid contact with infants and young children

    1.Materials: abs plastic
    3.water pressure :0.2-0.4kg/cm2

  • Eye Protection Glasses Scratch-Resistant, Clear Call for Price

    Product description

    Lab Glasses For Eye Protection
    Target Group: Unisex
    Comfortable And Lightweight Glasses
    Used To Protect The Eye From Dust, Paint And Smoke While Working
    Material: Plastic
    Dimensions Of The Glasses: 14X5.5X4 Centimeters

  • Eye wash Station with Free Eye Wash Sign - Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Eyewash Station with Dual Spray Heads – Emergency Eyewash Stations – Hands Free Operation and First Aid for Eyes - Silver Call for Price

    Eye wash Station with Free Eye Wash Sign – Wall Features

    • ✅ WORK SAFETY – Eyewash stations are required for work places that handle substances on a regular basis. This eye flush station acts as first aid for accidents in which foreign substances came in contact with an individual’s eyes.
    • ✅ SIMPLE INSTALLATION – The Eye Wash Station requires simple plumbing and can easily be installed over any faucet. An ideal location for this emergency eyewash station would be an accident-prone area with no nearby obstructions. The emergency eye wash station should be easily accessible in the event of an emergency situation.
    • ✅ CONTINUOUS WATER FLOW – The wall mount eye wash station features two strategically placed aerated spray heads that provide a steady and comfortable flow of water. The firm yet soft stream provides a more comprehensive cleaning power for the facial area. This feature fulfills the recommended 15 minutes of emergency eye washing.
    • ✅ HANDS-FREE OPERATION – The Eye Wash Station has a stainless steel push-handle that works with the stay-open ball valve to allow hands-free operation. This feature is particularly important in providing the recommended 15-minute full eye washing before seeking proper medical attention. Use of the emergency eye wash unit prevents possible further damage while keeping the individual comfortable.
    • ✅ LOW MAINTENANCE – Each spray spout of this wall mount eye wash station is provided with a flip top dust cover to protect the heads from dust and debris. Maintenance of the emergency eyewash unit is easy, just have a plumber check it periodically to ensure tiptop condition. The Eyewash Station kit comes with a universal safety sign that must be kept highly visible at all times.
  • FFP2 KN95 Face Mask 5 Layer High Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) Call for Price


    Personal protective equipment that are used to protect the wearer from airborne particles and from liquid contaminating the face.

    An N95/ KN95 respirator is a respiratory protective device designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles.

    The ‘N95’/ KN95 designation means that when subjected to careful testing, the respirator blocks at least 95 percent of very small (0.3 micron) test particles. If properly fitted, the filtration capabilities of N95/ KN95 respirators exceed those of face masks.

    However, even a properly fitted N95/ KN95 respirator does not completely eliminate the risk of illness or death.

    N95/ KN95 respirators are not designed for children or people with facial hair. Because a proper fit cannot be achieved on children and people with facial hair, the N95/ KN95 respirator may not provide full protection.

  • fully Stainless Floor Mounted Emergency Shower and Eyewash Call for Price

    The compound eyewash is an emergency rescue product equipped with a spray system and an eyewash system, which is directly installed on the ground for use. When chemical substances are splashed on the clothing or body of the staff, the spray system of the compound eyewash can be used for flushing The rinsing time should be at least 15 minutes; when the harmful substances are splashed on the eyes, face, neck or arms of workers, the eyewash system of the compound eyewash can be used for rinsing, and the rinsing time should be at least 15 minutes. Water flow of sprinkler system: greater than 75.7L/MIN. Eyewash system water flow: greater than 7L/MIN. The compound eye washer is widely used in workplaces where chemical substances exist in industries such as petroleum, chemical, electric power, electronics and ports

  • HW100 Auto Darkening Welding Helmets Call for Price

    The Honeywell HW100 welding helmets provide
    excellent performance with ADF technology, a lightweight shell and
    sleek design. Upgrading to ADF technology can help increase worker
    production and weld quality. A welding helmet equipped with an ADF
    filter can help to eliminate strain caused by constant “lifting and
    nodding” to check a weld. With a light state of Shade 3 (HW100) or
    these welding helmets offer a clear view of the
    work area during set-up as well as pre- and post-fabrication activities.
    Immediately upon arc strike, the ADF will darken to Shade 10 (HW100)
    , allowing for a
    consistently clear view of the welds, without repeated lifting of the
    welding helmet.

  • KN95 Face Mask Without Filter Call for Price

    Our KN95 masks offer five-layer protection, including two premium quality melt blown layers for extra protective filtration against harmful air particles. And since the fabric is melt blown and non-woven, it has several features that make wearing and breathing more comfortable, like soft, skin-friendly cloth layers.

    For those who wear their mask all day, you’ll never need to worry about your KN95 masks slipping out of place. Our masks come with reinforced elastic straps with a strong heat press to ensure your mask stays right where you need it.

    But regardless of the type, you get a mask made to fit you perfectly. That’s thanks to an adjustable nose piece that allows you to fit the mask perfectly to your face.

    This pack of individually wrapped KN95 masks are suitable protection against:

    • Air pollutants
    • Dust particles
    • Pollen
    • Allergens

    Package: Each mask is individually wrapped keeping the mask clean and safe in backpacks and transit.

    FDA Registration

    FDA Registration

  • Large Diameter Eyewash Bowl Emergency Eyewash Eye Washer Eye Wash Sink 2 Eyewash Spray Nozzles Eye Wash Safety Shower Face Shower Call for Price
    •  [Large Diameter Eyewash Bowl] The Diameter of Eyewash Bowl is up to 30.5 CM!!!
    • ● [Eyewash switch mode] Pedal. You only need to stand on the pedal, then the water is automatically sprayed from the eye wash nozzle. The dustproof cover of the nozzle is used to automatically open with the water flow. After leaving the pedal after use, the water inlet switch is turned off.
    • ● [Double Eyewash Spray Heads] The multi-layer filter screen is built in the eye wash nozzle to effectively filter impurities in the water and make the water flow into a foamy water column, effectively preventing impurities in the water or causing secondary damage to the injured nerves and injured parts due to excessive water flow. The filter is easy to disassemble, easy to clean and easy to maintain.
    • ● [Application] An effective safety protection product that minimizes the hazard when a toxic or hazardous substance is splashed on the body, eyes, face, or fire, which is widely used in nuclear power, power station, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, petroleum, shipbuilding, electronics, smelting, printing and dyeing, education and scientific research units, industries or fields.
    • ● Please note: This new Eye Washer is suitable for use in areas where the ambient temperature is above 0℃. Pay attention to the antifreeze insulation of the pipeline when using it in the environment of 0℃ and below.


    Firefighters or disaster relief personnel to use a respirator, change a respirator use masks and around the wearer’s face and make the wearer respiratory organs, eyes and facial canister or completely isolated anoxic environment, with the outside world has own supply of compressed air source used by the wearer to breathe clean air, breath directly discharged into the atmosphere, either respiratory process, the pressure inside the mask were greater than the environment pressure.

    Product parameters
     Category R5300-6.8
     Fill the gas  Air
     Total weight  9.9Kg(A ir-Filled)
     Relevant certification  By China national quality supervision and inspection center of fire-fighting equipment certification


     Material Carbon fiber composite materials (carbon fiber winding type)
     Content of the product  6.8L
     Rated working pressure  30MPa
     Hydrostatic test pressure  45MPa
                                           Neck thread                                                             M18x1.5MM
                                          Bursting pressure                                                                 102MPa
     Cylinder weight  About 3.8kg (except the valve weight)
     Product standards  Q/KJ015-2002 “all fiber winding cylinder aluminum tank”
    The main purpose

    Positive pressure air breathing apparatus (hereinafter referred to as the breathing apparatus), the respirator is a cylinder bearing of compressed air to air breathing and protection device for the human body. It is mainly used for fire fighting, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, shipbuilding, mining, laboratory, oil depot, warehouse departments such as emergency rescue, disaster relief, etc. For firefighters or disaster relief personnel in the smoke, toxic gas, dust or anoxic environment safely and effectively for fire fighting, emergency rescue, disaster relief and rescue work.

    Applicable scope

    Positive pressure air breathing apparatus (hereinafter referred to as the breathing apparatus), the respirator is a cylinder bearing of compressed air to air breathing and protection device for the human body. It is mainly used for fire fighting, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, shipbuilding, mining, laboratory, oil depot, warehouse departments such as emergency rescue, disaster relief, etc. For firefighters or disaster relief personnel in the smoke, toxic gas, dust or anoxic environment safely and effectively for fire fighting, emergency rescue, disaster relief and rescue work.

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