• 30 L Emergency Eyewash Station portable eyewash station Emergency shower Eye Washer supplier Call for Price
    • Self-contained emergency gravity feed eyewash holds water fluid in the tank where no plumbing is required.
    • In upright position, tray securely shuts off water flow and keeps nozzles free of airborne contamination.
    • Wide rear opening allows easy filling, inspection and cleaning.
    • The eyewash is activated by simply pulling the retractable tray.
    • Polyethylene tank stores 30 liters of water with an estimated flow rate of 1.75 liter per minute for 15 minutes.
    • Mounted on bracket supplied, easily bolts to the wall.
  • fully Stainless Floor Mounted Emergency Shower and Eyewash Call for Price

    The compound eyewash is an emergency rescue product equipped with a spray system and an eyewash system, which is directly installed on the ground for use. When chemical substances are splashed on the clothing or body of the staff, the spray system of the compound eyewash can be used for flushing The rinsing time should be at least 15 minutes; when the harmful substances are splashed on the eyes, face, neck or arms of workers, the eyewash system of the compound eyewash can be used for rinsing, and the rinsing time should be at least 15 minutes. Water flow of sprinkler system: greater than 75.7L/MIN. Eyewash system water flow: greater than 7L/MIN. The compound eye washer is widely used in workplaces where chemical substances exist in industries such as petroleum, chemical, electric power, electronics and ports

  • Large Diameter Eyewash Bowl Emergency Eyewash Eye Washer Eye Wash Sink 2 Eyewash Spray Nozzles Eye Wash Safety Shower Face Shower Call for Price
    •  [Large Diameter Eyewash Bowl] The Diameter of Eyewash Bowl is up to 30.5 CM!!!
    • ● [Eyewash switch mode] Pedal. You only need to stand on the pedal, then the water is automatically sprayed from the eye wash nozzle. The dustproof cover of the nozzle is used to automatically open with the water flow. After leaving the pedal after use, the water inlet switch is turned off.
    • ● [Double Eyewash Spray Heads] The multi-layer filter screen is built in the eye wash nozzle to effectively filter impurities in the water and make the water flow into a foamy water column, effectively preventing impurities in the water or causing secondary damage to the injured nerves and injured parts due to excessive water flow. The filter is easy to disassemble, easy to clean and easy to maintain.
    • ● [Application] An effective safety protection product that minimizes the hazard when a toxic or hazardous substance is splashed on the body, eyes, face, or fire, which is widely used in nuclear power, power station, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, petroleum, shipbuilding, electronics, smelting, printing and dyeing, education and scientific research units, industries or fields.
    • ● Please note: This new Eye Washer is suitable for use in areas where the ambient temperature is above 0℃. Pay attention to the antifreeze insulation of the pipeline when using it in the environment of 0℃ and below.

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